Everybody’s Kung Fu Swyping!

When we’ve discussed Swype in the past, it’s always been a good news/bad news story. The good news: it’s an innovative, gesture-based virtual keyboard whose users profess a love for it that was illegal in several states until quite recently. The bad news was that it was only legitimately available pre-installed on several handsets and to a select group of beta testers, leaving many to pine for it unrequited.

Well, now it’s all good news, as TechCrunch reports that Swype will be available to “anyone who wants it” later today, June 16. It sounds like the release will still be considered a beta, and it’s not mentioned whether we’ll find it in the Android Market. But it will be available directly from Swype. Keep checking beta.swype.com for details on downloading it. A price isn’t mentioned, but we’re assuming that it will continue to be free if it continues to be labeled beta.

[Edit: The open beta sign-up is now live. Don’t dawdle: beta sign-up will be open for a short time, “probably a few days.” To participate, head over to beta.swype.com and register. Swype will email you a link to download teh app.]

One tip for those of you trying Swype for the first time: don’t skip the tutorial! It’ll shorten your learning curve quite a bit. Soon you’ll be breaking records like the guy in this video:


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