More Evidence of a Sprint Nexus One?

With the Nexus One headed to Verizon and Vodafone in the coming weeks, customers on other networks are starting to wonder if and when they’re provider will be offering the phone.  One such carrier, Sprint could really use a new Android handset with high end specs like Nexus One.

One of our readers was recently in an online chat with a member of the Sprint team.  Being that he will be ready to get a new handset soon, the subject of the phone came up. 

Here’s the interesting part of the transcribed chat:

03/12/2010 11:40:46PM   Rick Bradley: “Questions about upgrading my existing phone”
03/12/2010 11:41:17PM   Agent (Brad M): “May I have your concern in detail?”
03/12/2010 11:42:58PM   Rick Bradley: “Yeah. I’m due for to upgrade my phone to a new handset in the next couple of weeks. I definately want to get the best phone available. I have heard through the rumor mill that Sprint MIGHT be offering the nexus one with google possibly as soon as april”
. I’d really like to use this phone and I’d hate to have to go to verizon.. is there any chance you could confirm or deny this rumor of sprint carrying the nexus one ?
03/12/2010 11:44:08PM   Agent (Brad M): “Sure. Let me check this.”
03/12/2010 11:45:16PM   Rick Bradley: “thank you for checking”
03/12/2010 11:45:28PM   Agent (Brad M): “You are welcome.”
03/12/2010 11:47:02PM   Agent (Brad M): “I am sorry. We do not have any update on the launch of this phone right now.”
03/12/2010 11:47:59PM   Agent (Brad M): “However, I have notated your account.”
03/12/2010 11:48:13PM   Rick Bradley: “in what capacity ?”
03/12/2010 11:48:43PM   Agent (Brad M): “Once we launch this phone, you will be notified with our promotional advertisement.”
03/12/2010 11:49:52PM   Session Ended

While this is not proof of anything concrete, it certainly sounds like Sprint expects to offer the Nexus One in some capacity.   Whether that’s directly through the carrier or more in a supportive role has yet to be figured out.  Also, the echoes a conversation someone else had with the carrier just a few weeks back.

What do you guys think?  Excited by the prospects of the super phone on the Now Network?

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