The EVO Has a “Deathgrip” Too… But Apple Is Still Missing the Point

Sure, everyone in the tech-world saw Apple’s attempt to remedy the iPhone 4’s antenna issue with free cases. Sadly though, much of the public has been duped into believing that all smartphones have the same problem.

As my friend pointed out to me over the weekend, what Apple’s PR team has done is quite ingenious. The iPhone 4 has a weak spot that, when covered, significantly drops the phone’s signal and in many cases causes it to go completely out of reception. People complained, and Apple responded by showing how other smartphones have the same exact problem. But, since Apple loves its customers and wants to make them happy, they’ll give everyone free cases to alleviate the issue created by their design flaw. They are essentially saying, “we’re the same as everyone else, except we give out free stuff!”



From a PR standpoint, it was an amazing move by Apple. I commend them. I even agree with their argument to a small degree. However, here’s the problem I have with it…

Although Apple didn’t display the iPhone 4’s issue publicly (if they had, people would have seen that it actually takes far less effort to bring about the issue when compared to other devices), they did manage to show how other popular smartphones have the same issue. Since this public demonstration, videos have been posted to YouTube showcasing other phones and their “deathgrips,” or lack thereof.

However, most YouTube-video-making-extraordinaires fail miserably in the logic department. You see, the bottom line is that not all phones have their antennas in the same spots. Using the iPhone “deathgrip” on the HTC EVO, for example, is not an accurate test. The EVO’s antenna is placed towards the top of the phone, allowing users to handle their favorite 4G Android device in a normal, uninhibited manner. Apple is right. The iPhone 4’s flaw isn’t that it has a weak spot. All phones have one. The problem is where they decided to put it.

Below is a video showing the EVO’s very own “deathgrip” and why it’s silly to compare it to the iPhone 4’s. I hope this helps shed some light on the debate.

[youtube width=”640″ height=”385″][/youtube]