Exceeding Expectations with 1.5 Million G1’s Sold Before Launch

Call it a success story. T-Mobile has had to triple the size of their G1 handset orders due to consumer demand.  Not too shabby for a device that has been called clunky, bland, and disappointing.  I’ve always had faith in Android and it’s potential.

From the moment it was announced and I started sipping the Kool-Aid, I knew just how “big picture” things were going to get.  What I couldn’t have pictured though, was the immediate response.  I was expecting a half million sold this year.  It pleases me to have to recheck my math and put out a new figure of around 2.5 million sold in first 90 days.  Let’s see just how much I really know with that one.

I figured it would take 2-3 handsets with different hardware configurations before people caught on to the idea of Android and what it can do.  The response and interest around the internet has been overwhelming.  Even personal friends of mine with iPhones have owned up to the difference in potential.

So here’s T-Mobile, sitting on a gold mine with their most handset to date.  It has great drawing power, not only for it’s capabilities, but also for the price point and rate plans that compliment it. A bunch of stars have started to align for Google and friends.

Everyone’s familiar with the term of web 2.0 that’s tossed around these days.  We’re about to see the boom of mobile web 2.0 over the next few months.  Embedding search and web into Android will ensure that more people are using the internet in new, compelling ways.

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  1. Sweet, this phone has a lot of potential but I’m gonna wait for the G2 — I’m sure there’s one on production already, that’s why it was named the G one. The idea of this phone is awesome, but is missing a few little things (like a 3.5 headphone connection and video capturing) – I hate waiting.

  2. First I was going to give the G1 a chance till enough 3rd party applications kick in, then I decided to wait for the silver G1 around Christmas, maybe. Then I decided to wait for the high resolution Android phone (G2?), and now, I can’t see myself holding a phone that doesn’t have TEGRA inside.

    Sorry, but that is just too much power and beauty to ignore. TEGRA looks like a futuristic phone taken straight out of a sci-fi movie. If there’ll be a 6 month gap between the first TEGRA phone and the G1 them yeah I will be giving Android a chance.

  3. This will be WEB 3.0. (don’t smack me) The internet is coming out of “the tubes” and onto “the streets” and into every moment of our lives. Its no longer about us reaching into cyberspace, but cyberspace reaching into us! As many visitors here know, this will fundamentally change the planet and Android is the OS that will usher in this new age.

    Scott, Web 2.0 mobile is accessing facebook on your handset. WEB 3.0 is being reminded by your handset that your out of lettuce and to pull over at that the grocery store 500 ft ahead because they are having a sale and your friend happens to be shopping there right now (which of course is visible to you in augmented reality). That’s something totally different.

  4. I think this 1.5 million number is based on misinformation, and nobody seems to be questioning it but me.


    I don’t recall seeing anywhere that says T-Mobile initially had 500,000 G1s available for pre-order. We’ve seen that number as the high end of a a target (400k to 500k) for T-Mobile to sell by the end of the year, but I don’t recall ever seeing it as the number of handsets initially available for pre-order. I’d love to see a hard reference to that, because I’ve been looking on Google all morning and haven’t come up with one.

    If that number is wrong, then the tripling of that number to 1.5 million would also be wrong.

    On top of that, Fool.com says that T-Mobile has sold out of pre-orders in spite of that tripling. I don’t see any evidence of that, either. The site still lets you order one for arrival on November 10th.

    So what is the deal here? Where does this number come from? Thin air? I’d love for it to be true, but can anybody provide any evidence that this is even possible, let alone true?

  5. i second that… they blatantly ripped off *500K-by-year-end* expectations & tripled it to 1.5 million. T-Mobile never had so many phones for pre-order in the first place. May be 100K or 200K for pre-order but no one knows!

  6. I third that. 1.5 million as of today seems just too fantastic a figure. This needed to be fact-checked from other sources.

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