Exclusive Nexus One Holiday Game

It looks like Google has a special treat planned for those lucky enough to be holding onto a Nexus One this holiday season.  When most people visit this site, they are simply redirected to the Google Android home page.  However, for those browsing on a Nexus One, you are treated to a holiday themed memory game:

Screenshot from the Nexus One game on Firefox
Screenshot from the Nexus One game on Firefox

According to the directions on the landing page, the game is pretty simple:

Welcome to Neus One!

For some festive fun, we’ve put a new twist on a classic game: “Memory”

Click on “Start Game” and you will have 5 seconds to memorize the placement of 12 pairs of cards.  After 5 seconds, the cards will be flipped face down.

Your goal is to find all 12 matching pairs as quickly as possible

Just tap on a card to flip it over

Continue flipping cards until all matches are found!


Holiday Droids
Holiday Droids

To make it even better, Google has created custom holiday Android icons, dug up by our friends over at TechCrunch.  My personal favorite is the “Robo-Ralphie” dressed in a bunny suit.  Anything with an homage to A Christmas Story is a winner in my book!

If you want to partake in this game and have a little knowledge of user agents, all you have to do is change your browser’s user agent to say “Nexus One.”  I was able to set this up pretty easily using Firefox and its “User Agent Switcher” add-on.  Perhaps Google will make this game available to the many other Android Phones as well, but until then, enjoy checking it out with these nefarious methods.

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