When T-Mobile first announced their new double data plans and the new Binge On service this past Tuesday, people were rather disheartened by the fact that not only was T-Mobile upping the prices on three of their four Simple Choice plans, but the lowest tier (2GB) plan would not include the new Binge On service (it also wasn’t included on Data Stash).

Today, however, it appears as though T-Mobile may have heard the angry screaming all over the internet and slightly modified their original policy. When the original press release came out, we learned that only 3GB and up would qualify for Binge On but their new plans went live today and the small print at the bottom of the page now says “2GB and more includes Binge On™ video streaming that lets you watch 3x more video with your high-speed data”


After reaching out to T-Mobile, there seems to be a little bit of confusion as to whether they are offering this on Simple Choice or on their “Pay-In-Advance” plans, but as you’ll see in the screenshot above, it definitely says Simple Choice on the same page as where it says it will include Binge On.

Here’s the catch: On the 2GB plan, you can still opt-in to Binge On, but the data still counts towards your data allotment. The difference is that they will still scale down all of your video streaming to 480p, so your data goes “3x as far” by comparison to watching 1080p video. On one hand, it’s better than nothing. On the other hand, T-Mobile seems to be trying to continue to pull one over on us.

What do you think of this new offering? Is T-Mobile turning back into a normal carrier (as opposed to “Un-Carrier”)? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section below!

UPDATE: We received an email from a press representative attempting to clear up some of this confusion. Advising that T-Mobile “is going to try to clarify the 2GB language because… it could be confusing”, we’ve got the following to share:

…2GB and more includes Binge On video streaming that lets you watch 3x more video with your high-speed data.” What it doesn’t allow on 2GB Simple Choice plans is unlimited streaming from participating video content services; which that statement doesn’t imply. You can see how the 2GB plan language is different from the 6GB plan language: “6GB and more includes Binge On – stream unlimited video on popular services like Netflix, HBO NOW, Hulu and more without using your high-speed data.

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. I think it was nice while it lasted. T-Mobile made you think they were different just long enough and then WAM!!!! they got you.

    • They piled a lot of subscribers on with great plans and now are trying to find sneaky ways of taking back some of the more expensive feature sets (unlimited data stash) while lowering network consumption through Video trans-coding/compression. However as a T-Mobile customer I totally appreciate them lowering everyones video quality and giving me the option to opt out. Even with people watching more content (probably not gonna be that great) The overall lowering of video content from 720p – 1080p average to 480 will result in A LOT LESS bandwidth usage and A LOT MORE network capacity.

  2. No mention that unless you opt out by Dec you lose unlimited data stash which will be capped to 20gb. Not a big deal if you only have 3gb but at 6gb or 10gb a month Thats potentially 100gb of stashed data after a year of saving. They won’t remove any stashed data but you’ll be capped at 20gb In the future. What’s really annoying though is you must opt out. If i wasn’t keeping track i would have lost my unlimited data stash for a feature i don’t care about. I opted out which also means i lose binge on but that’s ok I’d rather have 100gb of stashed data to use later for hd streaming or tethering

    • Yeah, I feel like they really went slimy on this move. I was really disappointed by all of it once I found out what the fine print says. I’m just glad they back-peddled a little bit.

      • They sorta back peddled but just made it “opt out” so I can keep everything as before but they made is SUPER SLIMY by saying if I want proper binge on in the future and not just video compression/transcoding to 480p that I would have to sign up for the new “amped plans”.

        In summary
        I’m on a 10gb for all plan for the same price as the 6gb amped plan. I can either accept the binge on and have my stashed data capped at 20gb but video compressed to 480p without using my data usage or opt out and after dec never be able to get back onto the binge on without signing up for a new “simple plan”.

        nothing about that long list of ifs or ands is simple. However I appreciate the option of saying “no thanks, leave me alone. But compress my videos so I can stash more data”. But it would have been nice to be allowed back into Binge on with the 20gb cap in the future without having to change plans. That’s kind of a spite move you’d expect from an EX GF or something! haha

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