Facebook 4.0 app for Android to usher in new UI

The next big release of Facebook’s mobile app for Android should usher in a new UI, according to reports. Allegedly, the 4.0 version of Facebook for Android features the design and layout you see in the images above.

It’s not clear, exactly, how soon Facebook plans to roll out this new look. Reportedly, the test and alpha/beta versions of 4.0 are not universal; installing the app does not guarantee you’ll see the new look.

Facebook, for all of its popularity, has never looked particularly great on Android. The standalone Messenger app recently updated with a new look after selectively testing with Android users. Perhaps Facebook will be quick to push this out to users.

Does anyone else find it interesting that Facebook has opted to go away from the left-side navigation that it has employed for so long? Not that this would be odd on its own, but Google’s design guidelines reccomend exactly that layout. Whatever, the reasons, we’re ready for a new coat of paint and some updates to that old blue and white app.