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Back in April Facebook’s Messenger team introduced Hello, a contacts app which syncs with your Facebook account and your phone’s contacts info making your phone smarter. Hello allows you to quickly  see who’s calling, block unwanted calls, and search for people and places on Facebook. Hello also allows you to call and text people free via Messenger.

Version 2.0  ushers in loads of updates.
Answer calls with one swipe with the new call card layout
Filter contacts to show only people with phone numbers
Access your Hello contacts in all your other apps
Change your contacts’ photos or sync them with Facebook
Get notifications for missed and blocked calls
Use Hello with two sim cards and choose which one to use to call
Easily create shortcuts on your home screen for your top contacts
Use Hello with right-to-left languages

Along with the above features Hello is sporting a tweaked user interface. The initial release of Hello was extremely promising although it fell short of allowing me to completely replace my pre-installed contacts application. The biggest issues I had is that when adding a contact in Hello it would not be added in my stock contacts app. Also when a contact called the Hello screen was very slow and at time unresponsive. Furthermore when the call came in you had to swipe the hello app left or right  which in return took you straight to your stock dialer screen.

With Hello I found myself missing a lot of calls due to the fact I first had to unlock my device then fiddle with the sluggish Hello user interface.

Facebook Hello

In version 2.0 that all has been changed with the new card layout. The card layout now allows you to answer a call with an easy responsive swipe. Facebook has been putting in extra work this week attempting to  keep your attention on their social networking site. Earlier in the week releasing Moments a photo sharing competitor to Google’s photos and now the Hello update.

Hello is  an intelligent well designed contacts application that utilizes Facebook extensive knowledge and what your friends share with you. Although  Hello will only display information of the person who is calling you, as long as they have already shared it with you on Facebook. So unfortunately you still will receive calls that you want know who it is and un displayed contact photos .

Tell us what you think about Hello and if you are going to give it a try. Leave comments below.

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