Facer, the watch face customization platform for Wear OS and Tizen smartwatches, is taking things to a new level.

The company just unveiled Watch Face Games, a series of mini-games that are always active on your smartwatch and waiting for you to start playing. Facer calls this “ambient gaming”.

In addition to being always on, the new mini-games are also integrated with the sensors on your watch. So the data collected, such as heart rate or steps taken, can be used in the games in real-time.

For the time being Facer offers a short selection of games which are available for Wear OS or Tizen smartwatches.

These titles include:

  • Your Beast Friend – a virtual pet game in which you are tasked to geed a tiny creature living on your wrist with the buys randomly appearing on your watch face. The more you feed it, the more it grows.

  • Dino Catcher – Help Dino find her lost family by traveling the world and finding her missing relatives. Players have to increase their step count if they want to succeed in the game.

  • World Cup Shooutout! – Challenges you to score the most goals in 1 hours. When the game detects an elevated heart rate, like when you’re out for a run, it will give you a sprint bonus. You’ll also be able to see your player rush towards the goal.

  • Rock, Paper, Scissors – The classic game is available on your watch. Just look at your watch face to play. The higher you score, the more customization options you can unlock including animations, colors and more.

The first three games are developed by Facer itself, while the last is offered by GRR Watchfaces. Two other games by TOMAJA Design are also available. Check out the whole collection here.

Only World Cup Shootout! is free, you’ll have to purchase the other games if you want to try them out on your watch. To download the games, you’ll need to get the Facer app from the Play Store.

While the selection is quite limited at the moment, we expect more titles to be added soon.

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