Facer – a popular app developed by Little Labs which let smartwatch users design and install customized watch faces announced this week a major update, as well as the new “Watchmaker Series”.

After conducting a survey, Facer concluded that almost 80% of Facer users prefer traditional watches. With this in mind Facer today introduces the “Watchmaker Series” – an initiative which will allow Android Wear and Tizen intelligent timepiece owners to install digital watch faces inspired by traditional watches from top watchmakers, as well as connect with the brands and learn more about their history.

The initial list of partners includes Maurice Lacroix, Yvan Arpa, Snyper Watches, MVMT, Manufaktur Waldhoff and VAER Watches, but more will be added in the future.

Little Labs also released this week Facer 4.0 – a major update with a big focus on providing designers with better tools to create and prosper. Below you can read more about the new features Face 4.0 brings to the table:

Brand New Look

The Facer platform gets a new, cleaner look that puts watch faces and their designers at the center. User profiles have been updated to include a cover image, a featured watch face and a link to the user’s own website/social accounts.

Verified accounts

With more and more watch face designers joining Facer, it has become increasingly difficult for users to differentiate between watch faces offered by official partners and those who have been created by fans.

With the introduction Verified Accounts, Facer will use a blue checkmark badge to distinguish a watch face designed and offered by a partner from a “regular” one.

Media Carousel and Showcase View

Designers can now upload additional images to showcase their creations in every angle via photos and videos. In the case of the Watchmaker Series, you’ll be able to take a sneak peek at what the real watch looks like.

A new Showcase view feature has also been added to allow users to see watch faces in full screen. The new tool is also available for designers, so they can preview their watch faces on the screen easily before testing them out on a smartwatch.

Facer mobile app gets an update too

The companion Facer mobile app also takes advantage of the features mentioned above. Now brands will be able to better showcase their story and give users a real look at the watch faces they designed.

Wrist selfies

Watch enthusiasts love to take pictures of their wrists to showcase the beauty of the models they are wearing. Well, Facer 4.0 aims to make this easier for owners to do so with a new Wrist selfies mode. With it, users can snap a photo of the watch face they just synced to their smartwatch and immediately share them it with friends and family – straight from the app.

HTML5 widgets

Thanks to embed.ly integration, all Facer watch faces are now embeddable as HTML5 widgets. What this means for users is that they can send a watch face to their watch by virtue of a tap on the blue sync button.

As for designers, HTML5 widgets translates into the ability to easily showcase their designs on their web page and draw more attention to them.

Facer Analytics

Facer wants to help designers get a sense of how successful their creations are. So it has introduced Face Analytics – a tool which provides daily metrics including watch face, views, watch face purchases and watch face syncs.

Brand Protector

Facer has also created a new feature called Brand Protector meant to detect and flag any design potentially infringing on existing copyrights and trademarks.

Copyright and Trademark infringement is an issue Facer takes very seriously, so Little Labs wants to make sure all the designs posted on its network are unique creative efforts.

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