VIVO IV Feature

The VIVO IV from Blu Products arrived on my porch on Friday, the same day the device was announced with thee first look on their YouTube channel. At only 5.5 mm thick, the VIVO IV is truly pushing the boundaries of phone design. The device has a gorgeous 1080 x 1920 5 inch super AMOLED display, the same exact display found in the Samsung Galaxy S 4. This device is truly a design departure for Blu, with a CNC cut design and Corning Gorilla Glass 3 on front and back the VIVO IV is by far the most premium feeling device from Blu Products as of yet.

With a 1.7 Ghz octa-core processor, this device should be the number one-pick your anyone with heavy multi-tasking needs.


VIVO IV Design

Aside from being only 5.5 mm thick, notable things about this device include the volume and power keys both on the left side, a reverse from the norm, the 3.5 mm headphone jack is on the bottom offset to the right, while the micro USB charging port is slightly left of center on the top. The 13 megapixel camera sensor protrudes about a half millimeter from the top left corner when looking at the rear of the VIVO IV and the lone speaker flanks the “16 GB” badge below the Blu symbol at the lower portion of the back Gorilla Glass panel.

The three capacative buttons only illuminate when you touch one, left to right they are; menu, home, and back. Like other popular devices the buttons are completely invisible when they aren’t illuminated and Blu has taken notes from custom ROMs and included an option in the display settings to turn off the button lights labeled “Close button lights.”

VIVO IV thin

VIVO IV Software

The VIVO IV runs Android version 4.2.2 and has the same UI as the Life Pure series with the “NAVI Launcher.” No app drawer and no widgets limit this stock launcher quite a bit, but they’re shooting for more of an iPhone-like user experience. The recent app menu, accessed by long-pressing the home button, is a horizontal layout, but as that style is a function of the launcher, it switches back to the stock Android style when you install third-party launchers.

The quick settings in the notification shade are editable and abundant. There is also a built-in option which will automatically populate the notification shade with the quick-settings if it is pulled when there are no notifications.

The lock-screen on the VIVO IV is also similar to that on the Life Pure series. Sliding right on the lock screen shows the only widget available with a quick camera, voice recorder, torch, and my personal favorite, the fake call button which will provide you a quick way out of an uncomfortable situation. The lock-screen must be pulled upwards to unlock and shows an aesthetically pleasing animation wherein your prior app follows the lock-screen up to take its place.

VIVO IV unboxed

Final Thoughts

The Blu VIVO IV is such an advanced feeling device, it is so wonderfully thin and sleek. What I like most about this device, is what it means for Blu. Having a device of this kind of quality come from this company is huge. I want to see more devices of this quality come from Blu as I think it would mean a huge jump in their business. We don’t have any official info on pricing as of yet, but that will be the deciding factor on whether this device is a success. I’m hoping for a sub $300 price tag. If so, I know a lot of people would line up to get one.

Website: Blu VIVO IV
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