The Fisher Price….We Mean, Google Stereo

Image Credit: Electric Pig

Pictured to the left may look like the toy stereo we all had when we were kids from Fisher Price, but it is actually an officially licensed Google product!  The people over at Electric Pig stumbled across this beauty while they were at the Sound and Vision Bristol Show.  A quote from their article tells the story:

We spotted this slick looking contraption at Chord Electronics‘ stand today, and got inquisitive. Why was Google’s logo embossed and painted into the metal? Why did it have its own box, that looked exactly like something straight out Mountainview? Was this Google stereo – or Google carry stereo audio system, to give it its full name – a sham?  Nope, the Google Stereo is no IP fraud. It’s the real deal, made by Chord on request of the search giant for internal use.

This is a pretty sweet find! It turns out that our favorite search giant commissioned the units from Chord Electronics, and is actually a re-branded Chord Carry. Google ordered these around last Christmas for internal use only, and unfortunately there are no plans to sell them to the public. I think that is too bad, because I know a lot of people who would plunk down the cash for one of the units if they had the Google name on them! Go to the Electric Pig site for more pics and info!

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