Five for Friday: Android apps for buying and selling your stuff

Over the past few months we have helped you with apps that make it easy to save a buck or two and manage your finances.  Thanks to AndroidGuys, you’re getting your life back in order and on the path to financial freedom.  Right?  So now you’ve saved a bunch of money and are looking to buy a few things for around the house.   Or maybe you still have some scrimping left to do and want to pawn your stuff.  Either way, we’ve got your back today.

Today’s list of apps is designed to help users buy and sell their stuff directly from a mobile device.  Whether it’s the leaf blower in the garage, that old baby playpen, or your transistor radio, sometimes you’re ready to clean house and make a profit.  Ten years ago the answer was either eBay or something more real-world like a yard sale.  Thanks to the power of Android and great app developers, we can sell the stuff in our house the second inspiration strikes.

We know there are other apps to help users buy and sell stuff, but we simply couldn’t squeeze them all into one post.  As the headline tells you, we’ve got to stick with five. To that end, we ask that you tell us your favorite apps for buying and selling stuff from around the house.

This week: Android apps Android apps for buying and selling your stuff

Official eBay Android App

A must-have app for eBay Buyers and Sellers that makes it easy to browse, shop, sell and manage your eBay activity whenever and wherever you are! 

Seriously, we’re about to tell you what eBay is, or how it works.  Sorry, but that’s a foregone conclusion at this point. The official Android app lets users buy and sell items, manage your account, activities, and more.  Seriously, it’s everything you need to do to get your eBay on.  Search items by category, keyword, or even based on the barcode.  When it comes time to sell your own items, you can create listings, upload photos, and handle everything else from the mobile device in your hand.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download eBay[/download_link]

EggDrop Local Marketplace

EggDrop is the smarter neighborhood marketplace. The hassle-free mobile app matches local buyers and sellers to cash in on Egganomics – the art and science of saving and making money from your mobile device.

Much like its web-based counterpart, the EggDrop app lets users buy and sell items based on their location. Let the app know where you are and it will return a myriad of results based on proximity.  Filter results based on more than one dozen categories, including stuff that’s outright free.

We actually prefer the mobile version as it seems more intuitive to sort by new, featured, and popular items.  Should you have a question or want to make an offer, the EggDrop makes this a cinch.  Ready to sell that old lamp?  Snap a photo or two and create a listing. Note that results may vary depending on your location and market size.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download EggDrop[/download_link]

Quickable Marketplace

Quickable Marketplace (Beta) lets you quickly list your items for sale across multiple online marketplaces and social media sites. Sell on Craigslist, eBay and Twitter give your friends on Facebook a special Friends Only Price and much more! Reach millions of potential buyers for anything you would like to sell in seconds, with just a few taps on your smartphone.

We only recently became hip to Quickable but we sure do like what we’ve seen thus far.  The all-in-one app lets users buy and sell items across a variety of networks, including Quickable Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, Facebook and Twitter.

Double your chances of selling an item by listing it with eBay and Quickable but sleep well knowing that the service handles things on the back end.  Sold that couch on eBay?  Quickable removes your listing so you don’t get dinged.

We applaud the developers strategy of releasing this mobile client on Android first and then on to other platforms.  Thanks to features such as free image hosting, instant messaging sellers, and product listing templates, we can see this one taking off.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Quickable[/download_link]


Sell Textbooks and sell books with Sell Back Your Book for android. Sell Back Your Book allows you to get instant price quotes for over 600,000 books from your android phone by scanning the barcode of the book or entering the ISBN. We provide free shipping on all orders

Got a few old textbooks from last year’s classes just lying around the house?  Why don’t you see if you can turn them in and get a few bucks?  The official app for SellBackYourBook lets users enter ISBN’s or scan barcodes and get a free price quote.  Sure, you might only get a couple of dollars for that 9th edition social science book, but it’s better than collecting dust, right?  Bonus points for free shipping on the books.  You know much that stuff costs to mail?  Yikes!

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download SellBackYourBook[/download_link]

Craigslist Mobile

Searching with photo preview and Posting to Craigslist from your Android Phone.  Craigslist Mobile provides a simple and intuitive interface, but an extensive set of features to search, post, browser and reply on

While it’s not quite an official app for Craigslist, it’s the highest rated one in Google Play.  And, with over 5 million downloads, we get the sense that folks are pretty cool with the app.  Features include searching and posting of ads, with or without an account, saving posts, contacting posters, and more.  Should you have some goods or services you’d like to offer up, the app allows for photo uploading, previews, and other helpful stuff.

[download_link link=”” variation=”hotpink” target=”blank”]Download Craigslist Mobile[/download_link]

Your turn!

What’s your favorite Android for buying and selling your stuff?  Is it one of the five we picked?  What do you like most about it?  Leave a comment below and share with the class!

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