Enjoy word games? Or do you sometimes need to kill some time with a game that doesn’t require an intense amount of skill or time? I am the type who always has a bunch of word games on my phone – they challenge my brain and are fun at the same time and don’t have a large learning curve. They’re also a ton of fun to play with friends in competition or in tandem mode.

Today’s list of apps are here to help you sort through the thousands of word games available in the Google Play Store. And since it is Friday, you can try some of them out this weekend while you relax and enjoy your time away from work.

This week: Android games for getting your word fix in

Words with Friends

words with friends

Words with Friends is the world’s most popular word game app you can get today. So there’s a good chance you have played it, but if for some reason you have stopped, today is a good day to download it again. Words with Friends challenges your word building skills by giving you seven random letters that you assemble on a game board with point multipliers. You can play in solo mode, random mode, or select who you want to play if you know their username.

The developers of Words with Friends are constantly adding new features and it is available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English.

You can play random people or you can play friends you know anywhere in the world. If you want an easy win, feel free to challenge me directly. My username is pandab55 and love a good challenge. Just don’t cheat! If you do happen to challenge me it is a great way to chat with me about anything related to Android too using the Words with Friends chat tool.


Google Play Store – LINK


.Word Fever.

word fever

One of my new favorite games is Word Fever. It’s not too often you come across a fun game that is also ad-free, and this one is both.

Word Fever is part crossword, part word search game. Use the clues to figure out what the hidden words are. The answers can be about nature, food, science, sports, vacation, geography and many other categories.

It starts very easy but gets challenging quickly. Find the twisted words and slide your finger over the letters – as easy as that! If you like to play brain teasers, charades, text twist, quiz and word puzzles, this one is for you.

Google Play Store – LINK

Word Streak With Friends


 Another fun game from Zygna is Word Streak with Friends. This game is a little more fast paced as you need to find and select as many words as humanly possible in a limited amount of time.
You’re given a 4×4 grid of random letters where you must connect letters to make new words. The longer the word the more points you get. You can play solo, tournament mode, head to head, or enter the daily challenge. The app does cost $1.99 but is worth every penny. It’s highly addictive so be careful if you’re worried about having too much fun.
Google Play Store – LINK





Word Search

word search

Rather than creating words, Word Search is a mashup of letters with hidden words that you need to find vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. You’re given a list of words to find at the bottom of the app and all you have to do is simply find them in the grid. It’s a fun game to kill time while also challenging your brain to look for words in odd directions. One of my favorite features is that you can play this game with no time restraints. Pick up when you have time and leave it when you’re busy. It will always be waiting for you to find your next word.

Google Play Store – LINK

What Restaurant ?

What Restaurant? is a lot of fun because it brings your knowledge of restaurants into play with creating words. It gives you an image of a logo from a restaurant like McDonald’s, and below is a grid of letters to pick from and you need to know how to spell the name correctly in order to advance to the next level. The game starts off easy but gets a little harder with each stage.

what restauant


Google Play Store – LINK

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  1. Words With Crosses – free app with access to free & subscription crossword puzzles in standard .PUZ and .JPZ format.

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