Fizzly smart tracker seeks Kickstarter funding

fizzly smart tracker

At first glance, you may wonder why in the world anyone would want to use the Fizzly smart tracker.

But, as you watch the video (below), your mind starts to work on ideas for using the cute little tracker.

So what is it?

The Fizzly smart tracker is a tiny wearable with multiple sensors that track movement. You can stick Fizzly to just about anything and then set actions in the associated iOS or Android app. Pair it with your phone or tablet via Bluetooth 4.0.fizzly smart tracker

Maybe you want to count how many times you jump rope. Stick it to your shoe and start jumping. Maybe you want to record the movement of your skateboard as you work on tricks. Stick it to your board and start kick-flipping. Maybe you want a light to turn on every time you open a certain door in your house. Stick it to the door. Or, my favorite from the video, stick it to your snack drawer at work and get a notification if the drawer opens, or sound an alarm. This could not only prevent theft, but you could also track how many times you go into your snack drawer on any given day. It might be more than you think.

According to their Kickstarter description,

These are just some of the few great App we’ve started developing with Fizzly. You can expect more to come in the future, also with your suggestions! Plus, we’re in touch with the most brilliant developers out there, to bring Fizzly support to your favourite exsisting apps.


Fizzly can also be expanded with a set of dedicated accessories, that will greatly enhance its smart capabilities in a plug & play fashion. These accessories will add for example a temperature sensor, a relay, gps and so on. It will be so straightforwarding for hardware manufacturers to add their custom accessories to Fizzly, increasing the connectivity capabilities of their products.


And don’t hesitate to wear it on your jacket or bag, fizzlying up your style!

Assuming it works as described, the possibilities are endless.

Fizzly is seeking $49,000 in funding on Kickstarter, and are just about half-way there with 49 days to go. Check out the video and let us know if you’d back the project. One Fizzly smart tracker is going for $35, but who can buy just one?

Source [Fizzly and Fizzly Kickstarter]

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