Flud News aims to change the way we look at news sharing

There are a lot of news apps on the Google Play Store, each with its own level of sharing options. Most of us (myself included) simply read an article or watch a video, and then share it to our preferred social network. That’s all well and good, but what if the news that we shared was more than just news? Flud News, a new app that just hit the Play Store, might just help change the way Android users look at news.

Basically, every user has a “news personality.” Every article or news piece that you share helps to determine what kind of news you like to read about, such as movies or cars. This leads Flud to suggest friends and followers who are interested in the same news. Users can even see what friends are reading, and share those articles if they so desire. Flud also has Google Reader, Twitter, and Facebook integration, so you’ll always have the latest news at your fingertips.

There are tons of other great features, which you should really check out for yourself. Flud News is free from the Play Store, so what are you waiting for? You can download the app  by using the box below. The full press release can also be found after the break.

So has anyone tried Flud yet? What do you think? Sound off in the comments!



[spoiler show=”Show Press Release”]Flud Takes the News Personality and the Flud Stream to AndroidThe world’s first social and mobile news reader becomes the only next-generation news platform on Android.San Diego — March 20, 2012 — Flud brings social news to Android today, after first introducing the “news personality” on iOS in December. Flud is an information ecosystem where the audience is empowered to amplify the news they love. This next generation of Flud’s award-winning mobile application brings a social element to its beautiful platform for news consumption. “Fluders” can recommend content to their community, discover new information and sources from friends, follow trends, and create their own informative front page.

With this update, Flud takes its irresistible environment for reading, viewing and sharing news and information to the Android market, effectively bringing its user base to scale. This phase of Flud’s mission brings the company closer to becoming the news platform of choice. Flud capitalizes on the two biggest trends in news: reading news on mobile devices and discovering news through social connections.

“First there was Instagram for photos, then Spotify for music, now Flud for news,” said Bobby Ghoshal, Flud CEO and co-founder. “We think the future of news has a lot to do with filtering out the noise. A specialized network designed for news content is in high demand and now we are the first to bring it to Android.”

In addition to the social discovery of news and information, other new features in Flud include syncing between devices and easier access to premium content sources, all inside the award-winning design. Flud’s media partners will benefit not only from the community’s deeper relationship with their content, but also from the opportunity to expand their brand presence and loyalty.

With Flud 2.0, users will enjoy:

Serendipitous News Discovery

Content can be discovered through personal connections in an intimate network with social accounts. News can now also be shared inside Flud to an audience based around topics or interests. Fluders can create news personalities by curating content they find from many different sources. Users can still follow news sources and publishers in individual streams.

Interaction With News

The most interesting content is surfaced for users in the Flud Stream, a constantly updated feed of articles Fluded by the people a user follows. The “Flud” button pushes stories to a person’s community inside Flud, a place where news matters. “Share” buttons effortlessly push content to social networks. Convenient controls for sorting and organizing news sources let users read news quickly and efficiently. Articles can be gathered into a “Reading List” to create their own front page to read at leisure.

Top Features

● The Flud Stream is a quick and easy way to track what content is trending inside a user’s news circle.

● The “Flud” button allows users to endorse content of high quality and interest.

● The “Reading List” button allows users to quickly bookmark articles when scanning headlines, and curate top news for followers.

● The user profile is a user’s personal “front page,” a compilation of news that matters to them, as well as a personal diary of news reading.

● Users see who else looked at the same article with social reading displays, helping to create a content community.

● Support for Tumblr is enabled, allowing users to push content to venues for further discussion. Flud also supports connection to Google Reader, Twitter, Facebook, Instapaper and Read It Later accounts.

● Syncing across devices allow a user’s news reading legacy and source list to follow him or her to a new device, and allow multiple users to preserve their own Flud on a shared device.

Flud 2.0 is available on iOS devices along with Android. A Windows Phone version is in production and will be released soon.

About Flud

Founded in October 2010, Flud is a new kind of social news reader. The company is redefining the relationship between people and content. Flud for iPhone, iPad and Android allows users to discover, consume and amplify interesting news content. The mobile application was named Best UI Design of 2010 by Fast Company. The company received funding from Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures. Flud is privately held and is headquartered in San Diego, with an office in downtown Detroit.



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