Flurry Helps Developers With Real-Time Analytics Tools

News and Rumors Flurry Helps Developers With Real-Time Analytics Tools

A serious problem that developers face is knowing where to spend their time and effort when working on an application.  It could be said that real work doesn’t start until after a program is released into the wild.  Wouldn’t it be nice to know what kind of handsets are being used to run your apps?  Where are the people using your program?  What should you focus on when you start the software updates?  What was a waste of your time the first go round?

San Francisco based Flurry provides developers with a great analytics tool allowing for real-time information.  Flurry Analytics can help a developer figure out just what it is that iPhone users like about your software.  Maybe your Android version of the program seems to be taking off like crazy.  The analytics tools can help you pinpoint what the hot spots are in your apps and find why so many people are flocking to it.

“The mobile phone is evolving, but without detailed information on how consumers are responding and using new applications, it’s a real challenge for developers to make strategic product decisions that grow their businesses effectively.” – Simon Khalaf, president and CEO of Flurry.

Mobile internet is going to be more demanding on developers.  Users will want the latest and greatest from their handsets and developers will need to be able to respond as quickly as possible.  Success can be measured by more than the sheer number of downloads, however the 60 million apps downloaded in the first 30 days from Apple’s App store is a compelling figure.  It’s a safe bet to assume that most of these developers would like to know where opportunities exist. Of those 60 million, how many people are using it on a daily basis?

So how does it work?  It’s pretty simple actually.  A small file is essentially placed within the application that reports back to the developer in analytic format.  Tools like this will be essential to those wanting to constantly improve their software with release updates.

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