FlyCast Goes Crazy with New Features and Updates, Adding Android Support Along the Way

I’ve always been a Windows Mobile guy up until I official became an AndroidGuy so I’ve not been privy to many of the cooler apps that have availed themselves these last few months. One of the apps I was hoping to see come to Android has in fact done so. I’m talking here about FlyCast.

Today we received a press release via email that listed all kinds of new features for FlyCast, chief among them was the announcement of Android support.  A few other notables I’ll point out are unlimited song skipping over 300 channels, the ability to post streams to your Facebook page, and of course widget support for desktops.

Widget support might also find itself working into Android at some point.  Without knowing what all goes into it, I am thinking that they could probably make an Android “desktop” client that sits on your main page somewhere so you can flip through the stations.  Having over 1,200 stations at your fingertips is something I think a lot of people could get into.  Even with T-Mobile‘s 3G being as light as it is across the US, there shouldn’t be too much of a problem getting songs to stream.  Most of the stations FlyCast offers are designed to work well with low bandwidth like EDGE.

I’ll be downloading FlyCast to my G1 and checking it out as soon as it hits the market and I’d recommend it to you other G1 owners.  Based on everything I’ve seen and heard from BlackBerry and Apple users, it’s a welcome addition to the Android universe.

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