Though it didn’t announce a specific timetable for release, Epic’s Fortnite Twitter account confirmed that its wildly popular PUBG-style Battle Royale game would be making its way to mobile platforms in the coming days. While iOS users were invited to sign up for a beta test on Monday (that is, March 12th), Epic would only say that an Android version is on its way “in the coming months.” In the same press release, Epic also mentioned that Fortnite would be getting complete cross-platform integration – meaning that players can play with each other regardless of platform, and all player progress will be saved between platforms.

Crossplay Shenanigans

Interestingly, though, Epic released two different versions of its press release: one that mentions crossplay between Android, iOS, PC, Mac and XBox, and one that mentions crossplay between Android, iOS, PC, Mac and PS4. For those of you paying attention, the only difference between those two phrases is the home console with crossplay integration. Microsoft has been rather publicly pro cross-platform, so it can only be reasonably assumed that Sony is blocking crossplay between XBox and Playstation.

What does this mean for gamers? There are a couple different endings to this story. Either users will have to choose between XBox and Playstation when signing up for an Epic account (even if they plan to play on iOS or Android) resulting in a fragmented user base for Fortnite, or Mac, PC, iOS and Android users will all be able to play and progress with both PS4 and XBox players, but not at the same time. If this sounds pointless and confusing, that’s because it really is. Sony is Gorbachev in the Gaming Cold War while Microsoft’s Reagan screams “Tear this wall down, Mr. Sony-chev!”

Once Sony stops being afraid to unify the gaming world, allowing gamers on any platform to play with one another, we’ll all be better off. Whether we chose XBox, Playstation, Android, iOS, Mac, or even those crazy PC Master Racers, everyone wins.

This post went off the rails a while ago, but lets bring it back by celebrating the real victory – Fortnite Battle Royale is coming to Android!

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