From RIM to Android

    When I got my Pearl last year I thought, “Finally, I have some type of awesome technology!”  That is until I started to notice touchscreen phones everywhere!  I saw the DROID and Eris the week they came out and instantly fell in love.  I wasn’t eligible for an upgrade yet and I also wanted to do some reading on this thing called Android.

    I switched to Alltel last year so all the phones that Alltel carried, as well as Verizon, were new to me.  I like to plan ahead, so reading up on these companies and what they had to offer me is the route I went. came into my life a few months ago and after a few days I began to realize that Android was the way for me to go.  Now I just had to wait until my upgrade date.  Well, I had quite a wait.  Two weeks ago, Verizon decided to give some of their Alltel clients an early upgrade if they hadn’t upgraded in the last six months. Now, here I am, a proud Eris owner.

    The phone has a very sleek look and it is easy to maneuver through the apps and screens.  The five home screens you get to scroll through really appealed to me. How can it get any better? I have all my main apps on these screens for easy access.  That makes my social networking and music listening much easier.

    The phone comes with HTC and Android widgets for Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr which help keep the screens nice and organized.  The music apps, such as Pandora, are really nice to help keep your music easily accessible.  The speakers on the phone are much nicer than the ones I had on the Pearl, although I don’t like that all the phones have the speaker on the back.  I like to take care of my personal belongings and I have to listen to my music with the screen facing downward so I can hear well.  This doesn’t make me a happy camper, but it  is like that with all of the Android phones.

    Speaking of hearing well, when I do make calls the sound is very crisp.  I am not having to ask the person on the other end to repeat like I did with my Pearl.  I was nervous about my kids talking on the phone with touchscreen.  You can imagine how happy I was to find out that the screen will black out when the sensor is covered. I realize that all touchscreen phones have this capability, but this made my decision even easier when it came to what I wanted in a phone.  I also have found the calendar very useful since I can dedicate its own screen for easy access.  Who needs to spend money on a new planner when you can just put it in your phone?

    I plan on using my phone for many things as it has proven to me, so far, that it can keep up with a busy lifestyle.  In these two weeks I haven’t found any big negatives on the Eris.  I recommend this phone to anyone who isn’t sure if they like touchscreens or Android.  It will help you get to understanding both with ease.

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