Just in case you haven’t had enough Samsung Galaxy leaks, we have another for your curiosity’s pleasure.  And this one is the most revealing yet.  MobileFun was kind to post a few different angles of the highly anticipated Note 5, provided by a portfolio from case makers Rearth.


I’m hoping I haven’t just caused too much head shaking from Note fans.  By this image, it does appear that we have a sealed backing.  This means that Samsung is taking a more S6-design approach and killing the Note line for power users.  A fellow AG member, and Note fan, has recently shared his strong opinion on the matter.

Okay, now that we’re past that, let’s talk about design features that we’re seeing.


We have a familiar curved frame from the top, along with SIM tray and microphone placements.  But do you notice something missing?  The S6 had an IR blaster right in the middle.  There was one on the Note 4.

The bottom of the Note 5 is pretty crowded.  We can see a headphone jack, charging port, speaker, and stylus.  Power and volume button placements match that of the S6.

This image shows an interesting design cue:


It appears that the back of the device tapers down on the sides, like the glass on the S6 Edge.  I don’t see this adding to anything other than aesthetic appeal, but this may anger people.  On the S6 Edge, grip was compromised by the thin edges.  It could be justified by the curving display and functionality.  On the Note 5, it may be that you’re losing gripping area purely for looks.




How are you feeling about the Note 5?  Are you glad Samsung is running with the S6 design or do you wish they stuck with the roots?

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  1. I guess I will stick with my note 4 then or get the lgg4, which has a removable backing. I want to support Samsung, but this direction is not what I want to see. This is what happens when people complain about plastic backing. Now we have a non removable battery.

  2. I guess this is what happens when Samsung would rather sacrifice the hearts of their loyal fan to try and lure isheep back after they left to the 6+(which I’ve seen running and there is no difference from the 6 no special features like you get from a galaxy S5 to a note4) those flip floppers are not coming back get over it Samsung they used you till they got the bigger iphone. Those are the ones who cried about the plastic not us. But go ahead Samsung keep going down this road of coping apple eventually you’ll have no costumers because this is not what we wanted, I’m not getting a s6 or note5 because I want the sd and battery removal hell I’ll even take the plastics back just lay off the Chrome keep the body a solid color or something and stop making it soo freak skinny. Thanks I’m done ranting for now.

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