Galaxy Tab Pre-orders at Best Buy Now!

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab will be THE device this christmas. Available on each of the four carriers, plus a WiFi version due out “soon”.  If you are looking to get one for yourself and someone else, you should consider making sure you can get your hands on one early. I’m sure the carriers will all have their own impressive launch day displays that involve you standing in a ridiculous line for awhile, but that sounds like a whole lot of work to me. Fortunately, the guys at Best Buy have your back, and are taking pre-orders.

You don’t even need to leave the couch. Head to the website and you will be able to make your selection between Sprint and Verizon, the models they will be carrying in store sans Wifi model. Since we know the WiFi model was delayed, don’t expect to be able to pre-order that one just yet. Best buy has had a habit of offering Android devices for pre-order, and it’s good to see them keeping that up with the Tab. The website says you can expect to see your Tab arrive between the 7th and 11th of November, right alongside launch days. Happy Shopping!

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