Game Discovery App Heyzap Adds Personalized Game Recommendations

Popular game discovery platform Heyzap understands how daunting of a task it can be to try and shuffle through the countless games which occupy the Android Market abyss. That is why they have been hard at work trying to improve and expand their mobile platform to include personalized game recommendations. Expanding off their check-in system, Heyzap now uses a collaborative filtering algorithm to predict which games you might want to try next. Using your play history and data from players with similar taste, Heyzap will recommend titles that you most likely would enjoy.

“We think we can deliver Netflix-style personal recommendations that users will appreciate,” said Immad Akhund, co-founder of Heyzap, in an interview. “No one else is attacking game discovery in this way.”

Also included in this update is the ability for users to publish the location of their check-in. I’m willing to bet that 97% of check-ins occur from within a bathroom somewhere. Kidding aside, I’m not too sure why I need to know that Chuck is playing Angry Birds in Santa Monica. There may be a possible use for such information in the future as developers continue exploring location based gaming features as seen with Rovio’s “Magic.”

If you enjoy gaming and social check-in services, Heyzap may be a fun way for you to interact with other gamers and discover new games. Heyzap now has its SDK connected into 310 games, including top games like Millionaire City and continues to see a steady growth in its social gaming community. If you’re interested in Heyzap you can download it by following the link below. If you download Heyzap or are already a user, sound off in the comments or on our Facebook Wall and tell us what you think of the service.

Download: Heyzap

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