Gesture Search: An Open Letter To Google

By now many of you have discovered that Gesture Search is available to all Android 1.6+ devices from the Market. Now question is… is it useful? Most people I have spoken to have given me something along the lines of, “Sort of, but it’s not as accessible as I’d like”. So while this is a Google Labs product, meaning it’s in the famous “BETA” stage, I have something for Google to take into consideration.

The issue here is that the gesture search is just not quick enough to access. While many have told me to put it on my homescreen, it’s still not any more useful than using the universal Google Search widget. So now all of the enlightened people are thinking well maybe Google should build it into apps like the contact list, GMail, or even in a homescreen widget. That might be all fine and dandy but let’s go back to what Android is all about. Android is all about collaboration and improvement as can be seen from the Open Handset Alliance’s initiatives. So why not make Google Gesture Search a developer tool? Gestures have long since been available to developers since Android 1.6, but think of all the uses developers could get out of universal search within their applications? Today, Android developers have an abundance of tools at their fingertips to improve all aspects of applications. AdMob to improve profitability, JTwitter to make twitter clients, Google Maps integration, and even GUI design via DroidDraw. All of these tools distributed for free so that developer’s can take them and make applications that are better than those on any other mobile platform.

I imagine being in a twitter client and searching my followers by drawing their name so that I can send them a direct message. How about being  in the Android Guys App and searching articles with gesture search? So why not make gesture search open and let developers run with it. Let us integrate it into applications, widgets, and more. Give the people what they want!


The Android Community

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