Google Acknowledges Anti-Piracy System isn’t Perfect

There’s been a pretty big stink this week about how Google’s new anti-piracy system isn’t all that great and is, in fact, easy to circumvent.  We haven’t posted the steps in how to bypass the licensing tool here on AndroidGuys as we don’t see any real value in it. Piracy just isn’t cool.

Developer Advocate Tim Bray has taken to the Android Developers blog and acknowledged that the new licensing server is far from perfect.  But, as Bray reminds us, the “Google Licensing Service is still…the best option for copy protection.”  Things are getting better all the time and developers are benefiting from new tools and systems.  Piracy will never completely go away, but Google wants to do what they can to make it difficult.  For Tim’s full response, replete with bullet point details, head to the Developers Blog.

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