Google adds nutrition info cards to Google Now

Whether you’re trying to lose some weight for the beach months, or have some dietary restrictions, or just plain trying to eat healthier, nutritional information is your friend when it comes to being healthy. Google has now added cards to Google Now to give nutrition information, and it’s pretty cool.

Doing a search in Now of “how many carbs are in popcorn” or “how many calories are in an orange” will give you a card telling you how many calories or carbs you’re looking at in your food, along with some dropdown menus to customize serving sizes and specific types of food.

This is yet another example of how Google is trying to integrate everything users need into their ecosphere. As one commenter mentions, ” you know what the next step will be? Soon we won’t even have to type the question in. Just take a picture of the food item and it’ll just pop up the information.” Anyone here disagree that that would be awesome? As a type 1 diabetic, I have to keep track of every gram of carbs I take in, and Google just made my life a little easier for that.

The rollout is in English only for now, and is being rolled out a little bit at a time. I personally tried it, but didn’t get the card, nor did Google have an update in the Play Store. However, Google says it should be completely in place in the next 10 days.

via google

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