Google announces Glassware Review Process for third-party developers

Google Glass Explorers and developers for the platform will be happy to hear that Google has just announced a Glassware Review Process for developers. The announcement came via a Google+ post by Timothy Jordan.

Glassware is what Google has named apps built specifically for Google Glass. Unfortunately the only type of apps – – excuse me, Glassware – – mentioned in the announcement are those built off of the Glass Mirror API. This type of Glassware relies on web connections, and aren’t actually installed on Glass itself.

The first set of Glassware being added to MyGlass includes SportsYapper, Fancy, Mashable, KitchMe and Thuuz.

Developers interested in getting their Glassware listed as an approved service will need to go through a launch checklist, which can be found here.

As for Glassware built to be installed natively on Glass, hopefully Explorers won’t have to wait much longer. A report by states the next OS update, XE10, which is scheduled for this month, will include the Glassware shop and native apps. Here’s hoping!