Google bolsters security by offering Security Keys to business customers

We all know digital information is vulnerable to hacking and theft.  We have evidenced massive data breaches in the past year with Target and Sony being at the center of attention.  Google continues its lead in keeping clients safe by introducing Security Keys for Google Drive.   Most of you reading this post know how weak your usernames and passwords can be because you probably have weak passwords due to the fact that they are easier to remember.  In addition to having difficulty remembering passwords, many sites have different requirements for what kind of password security is required.

Google collaborated with the FIDO Alliance standards organization to create another layer of protection by using an actual key, named Security Key, to authenticate your identity.  The Security Key sends an encrypted signature, rather than an actual password to prevent phishing.  And using this key saves you time — when you need to verify your Google Account on a Chrome browser, the key’s light will flash.

The new Security Key will roll out in the next few weeks to business customers,  and most importantly the effort required to deploy them is minimal.  No additional software will be required to be installed, and if the keys are lost, admins can revoke access to those keys immediately.

Multiple models are available for purchase and start at a very affordable $6.

Source – Google