After the latest update, Google Chrome for Android has received Safe Browsing – something that has been available for the company’s desktop software for years. The new security feature will protect mobile devices against malware, unwanted software and social engineering websites.

You don’t need to update your Chrome browser to get this Safe Browsing client, as it comes bundled up with Google Play Services version 8.1 by default. If you have Chrome version 46 and up, you can relax because now you will see a red warning page if you stumble upon a page that is a privacy scare or consumes data and eats your battery.


“Social engineering—and phishing in particular—requires different protection; we need to keep an up-to-date list of bad sites on the device to make sure we can warn people before they browse into a trap. Providing this protection on a mobile device is much more difficult than on a desktop system, in no small part because we have to make sure that list doesn’t get stale.”

Google Blog

To double check that you are protected against phishing attempts and online scares, all you need to do is go to Chrome’s Settings > Privacy menu and ensure that Safe Browsing is enabled.

Source: Google

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  1. Google (and all other search on Internet engines) search technology is different form one of IBM or SAP only because it uses statistics on search requests, queries (which is received form Internet as results of their spying), so called ‘popularity’.
    However, Oracle structures unstructured data:
    1. Oracle obtains statistics on queries and data from the data itself, internally.
    3. Oracle gets 100% patterns from data.
    4. Oracle uses synonyms searching.
    5. Oracle indexes data by common dictionary.

    See Oracle ATG?

    Therefore, Google as a search on Internet engine is over – there is no need anymore in the spying after ‘popularity’ and Internet becomes a database!
    The Era of Great Privacy came!

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