Google’s official twitter account for their Nexus series of phones confirmed what we had already heard a few weeks back.  Android 2.3 will hit the Nexus One in the “coming weeks” in the form of an over-the-air update.  We had heard unofficially from members of the Android team, but this is the first from Google directly.  As we’re advised by the tweet, we need to hang tight.  So hang tight.

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  1. Didn’t they already make that announcement, we all know that the Nexus will be the next phone to receive the update.

  2. I’m never buying another android phone again if they can’t even keep the Nexus One up to date. I guess the fragmentation complaints are true, eh Google? The iphone may suck in terms of freedom, but at least they don’t turn their back on you after 6 months. I feel sorry for the suckers that bought into the Nexus S.

  3. OK it has been over 3 weeks now. I’m still waiting.
    So I’m wondering whose best interest it is in to delay Gingerbread on the Nexus One? Could it be Samsung?

    • It’s almost certainly some sort of marketing reason for this delay probably coming from pressure from samsung for google to market the Nexus S, why would people buy the Nexus S if gingerbread was available on the Nexus One, IMO the Nexus S doesn’t have (£/$)550’s worth of features over the Nexus One.

  4. where is the update ??????????????

    I am really sad that Google series phones are being sidelined after every new release……….. whats the point in going for google phones then…………..

  5. This is ridiculous. Just a few more weeks, were now past a month.

    First we had to wait months for accessories now its either buy a new phone or wait for the upgrade OS but the upgrade taking forever. I was an early adopter of the G1 then paid almost $600 for the Nexus One because my contract was still too new.

    Now the Nexus One gets bumped to the back of the line by the Nexus S. Not that I have a problem coming out with new phones but I was promised that the Nexus One would be getting the upgrades first. At least release them to the Nexus One at the same time you release the new phone. I am sure the new specs required for Honeycomb will be to great for the Nexus One, so it looks like they don’t care about me anymore.

  6. whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine whine, false sense of entitlement, whine whine whine whine whine whine whine, my actual human rights are literally being violated when i don’t get monthly updates for my phone (even though 5 years ago, the very idea of having monthly updates for a cel phone would have been unheard of), whine whine whine.

  7. Dont want to argue but your comment IS besides the point, argumentative, ignorant and insulting to us consumers Jordan.

    Yes we have been let down delays on Googles own promise of cutting edge droid on a reference handset.

    Rob has every right to feel betrayed by false deadlines.

  8. This is such bull, its Feb 11th and we have heard the same thing since Dec. “It will be coming OTA in a few weeks. Well dang, its been a few months!! I too paid almost 600 for my N1, thinking it will get the updates first. Instead a stupid NS that doesnt even have the micro SD card gets it first.

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