Google experimenting with new Linux kernel for Android, version 3.8

According to the public kernel repository over at Google, there’s a new, experimental kernel build out. It’s marked as version 3.8, and is built from the standard kernel, with all the standard Android modifications and tweaks.

This is, whether you may understand it or not, good news for the Androidosphere. Linux kernel 3.8 includes support for open source Samsung Exynos DRM and NVIDIA Tegra drivers, has a low memory footprint, and supports a flash-friendly file system. Built-in, native support in the kernel is always a good thing, as it allows Google to spend less time focusing on development for simple device support, and more time integrating new features universally.

Remember, this kernel is experimental at this point. Android 4.2.2 is currently shipping with 3.4 on the Nexus 4 – hopefully, however, we’ll see this new kernel build in the next iteration of the OS.

via phoronix

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