Google on Wednesday renamed its mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Project Fi, to Google Fi. In the process, it also drastically expanded its list of compatible phones.

Effective immediately, Google Fi is no longer restricted to a short list of select devices. Indeed, pretty much any unlocked phone is now compatible with the service.

Not only does Google Fi support a much wider net of Android phones, but it also now allows for iPhone, too. Compatibility for iPhones is considered beta and requires the use of an iOS app, but it’s a huge step forward.

As far service and rate plans are concerned, Google Fi remains unchanged from its Project Fi days. The network operates on the backs of T-Mobile, Sprint, and US Cellular towers, hopping between them based on best coverage. Additionally, it relies on WiFi when and wherever possible.

Google Fi runs $20 per month for unlimited voice and text; high-speed data is $10 per month for each gigabyte. There are no fees for going over your expected or allotted data plan as billing is pro-rated at the same amount.

Google also provides peace of mind in its Bill Protection which doesn’t charge heavier users for going over 6GB per month on a single line. In a related note, any unused data is refunded to the user in the following bill. Multiple-line accounts are also available.

Google Fi recently added VPN protection to its service for cellular connections, mirroring what it also does for WiFi. This gives subscribers an added layer of protection and security.

If you are interested in signing up for Google Fi, click here to learn more. Note that we’ve attached a referral link which could result in a credit for both AndroidGuys and those who sign up and complete 30 days of service.

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