Google to incorporate a “kill switch” in the next version of Android

One security feature we’ve heard rumored for Android recently is the “kill switch”, a feature that enables the smartphone owner to remotely wipe their phone if somebody tries to steal it. We’ve seen California and Minnesota both pass legislation on this recently, and we may see something coming from Google in the next big Android update. In a statement yesterday, Google announced their plans to incorporate a “factory reset protection solution” in the next major Android release.

We’ve previously seen this feature in mobile tech, namely with Apple’s iteration in last September’s iOS update. Thanks to Apple’s kill switch feature, iPhone thefts have decreased by 19% from 2013-2014, according to a recent report. So, we can obviously see that it works.

As far as Google is concerned, we don’t have any more information regarding their plans or how it will work. What’s more, is that Microsoft will also be joining the kill switch party, bringing this feature to Windows Phone devices.

It’s nice to see Google taking some extra security measures with their mobile OS. As for the details, we’ll need to wait until Google releases some more info on the topic.

Source: Bloomberg