So looks like the leak yesterday turned out true.  Today, along with a handful of other exciting devices, Google announced the Pixel C – an Android-powered Pixel-branded tablet.


So what’s so special about it?  Well, a lot actually.  Firstly, being a “Pixel” device, we have superb build quality.  It’s wrapped with an all-metal aluminum chassis.

google-pixel-c-1200 - Copy

From certain angles, the Pixel C will be familiar to Microsoft Surface users, and that’s not a bad thing.  We’re looking at a modest 10.2″ sized display, which is said to be considerably bright, capable of 500 nits.  The resolution is at a fantastic 2560×1800 (308ppi).


Running the show is Nvidia’s latest SoC – the quad-core X1 with Maxwell GPU and 3GB of RAM.  You’ll have the option for 32GB or 64GB of on-board storage.  The latest USB Type-C standard is also incorporated, along with Android 6.0 Marshmallow

But the real fancy part comes in with the keyboard attachment.

20150929_104130 - Copy

The build is just as thought-out as the Pixel C and attaches seamlessly via a very strong magnetic (you have to slide the tablet off the keyboard to separate them).  The keyboard is chiclet style and has a kickstand mechanism for the tablet, which you can adjust from 100 to 135 degrees.


While the keyboard accessory is said to last 2 months on a full charge, it can also charge inductively through the tablet when they’re attached.

The Pixel C has a couple more neat tricks.  The Pixel light bar isn’t just for show.  When you double tap it, you’ll get a battery indicator.  Also, there are 4 mics to make sure you make the most from video chatting, and they’re said to work across the room.

Being that this tablet is a “Pixel” device, you may be worried to hear about the price.  Fortunately, it isn’t as exorbitant as previous Pixel devices.  The Pixel C will start at $499 for 32GB and $599 for the 64GB of storage.  The keyboard accessory will be priced at $149.  As far as availability, Google said that the Pixel C will arrive in time for the holidays.


Are you gonna keep your eye on the Pixel C, or is it still too expensive?

*A special thanks to our own Derrick Miyao for attending the Google event and getting us a hands-on look.

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  1. Here in Australia I’m looking at over $700 for something that isn’t essential. Didn’t Google learn anything from their failed Nexus 9?

    • No tablet is actually essential so I don’t understand your point. Also the Pixel C wasn’t made for you but for Google’s developers, same as the Pixel ChromeBook. To alleviate costs of production Google decided to release these devices to the public. Google has zero ambitions to market the Pixel C in anyway and are fully aware that not many, like the original Pixel will actually be sold. In fact when the first Pixel came out, Google quickly ran out of stock and a lot of people had to wait a couple of months before the supply chain was restored. This is not a Nexus product, in competition against the iPad Pro or Surface but a test bed for Google’s upcoming Chrome OS, Android merger. This is the true purpose of the Pixel so any criticism towards the product is just moot.

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