My Account Featured

While Google’s ATAP team is working on Project Abacus, which aims to bring more security with less hassle, Google has introduced a new feature to their privacy and security settings. My Account will give you access to both the settings and tools for your Privacy and Security settings for any of your Google accounts.

From the My Account page, you can easily access your Security settings, Personal Info & Privacy settings, and your overall Account Preferences. When you log into the My Account page for the first time, you are prompted to perform a Privacy checkup and a Security checkup.

Privacy Checklist

The Privacy checkup within the My Account page, basically just asks you a few panels of questions, which allow to fine tune how much information you actually want to be seen by the world. For example, you can select which profile tabs are visible to visitors on Google+, or you can choose to show your subscriptions and such via YouTube.

Security CheckUp

The Security checkup also found in the My Account page, gives you all different types of information about the devices and apps that have been connected to your account. You will be able to edit and change your recovery information, such as your recovery phone number, recovery email, and your Security question for password resets. You will also be able to view all of the recent devices that have been connected to your Google account, along with the location where the device was connected from.

The Account Permissions section, shows you all the different applications that you have linked to your Google account. Literally to the T. If some of them look suspicious, or are from a service/app that you no longer use, you can simply tap the “Remove” button and that application will no longer have access to use your Google credentials.

Finally, you can check your App Passwords, and your 2-step verification settings. This is extremely helpful to be able to go through your Google account with a fine tooth comb, and make sure that everything looks up to snuff. You can learn a lot about your account from this checklist, just by seeing all the different types of apps and services that you may or may not have linked up.

Going forward, the My Account page will be definitely useful to keep an eye on the comings and goings of my Google Account, to ensure that nothing suspicious is going on. Be sure to take some time, check this out, and make sure that all your information is what you think or expect it to be. If something looks odd, definitely get rid of it or contact Google for support.


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