Google Maps gets major UI refresh

Google on Wednesday outlined a major tweak to its UI for its Google Maps. Starting over the next few weeks, users will see a refreshed look that features a more obvious and intuitive experience.

The updated look will include new colors and icons to help identify destinations and points of interest. Food and drink, for instance, will have orange icons that split across four symbols: food, bar, cafe, and wine. Other categories include shopping, entertainment/leisure, health, services, outdoor, transport, and civil services/worship.

There are also changes coming to the overall layout of the experience. You’ll get a new, cleaner, and smarter approach whether that’s driving, navigating, exploring, or using transit.

Google plans to roll out the changes to other products including Assistant, Search, Earth, and Android Auto. Further, it will be included in apps, websites, and other places that incorporate Google Maps APIs.

Although there are only a few images to look at today, we’re already a fan of the look. What do you think of the upcoming Google Maps changes?

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