Google Maps offline announced, coming to Android

The big Google Maps event has gotten underway and it has already left a little something called mobile offline maps in its wake.  Google has today announced that future versions of Google Maps will give users access to offline maps and navigation features, providing essential map functions even in cases of no data connectivity.

It’s not quite clear how soon this will go into effect nor how fully functional it will be.  Some of you already know that you can turn on a Labs feature in today’s Maps which lets you long-press to download offline maps in a 10-mile area.  Will it be something users are asked to long-press if/when needed or might it automatically cache your trips and navigation for you?  We’ll find out soon enough.

As for Google Earth, Google is showing off the next iteration of its popular software.  You’ll see from the YouTube video below that it’s really something to behold and really quite amazing.  Will this ever make to the mobile version?  Would you ever use it?

Via: The Verge