Google Music could launch as soon as next month

As Verizon is preparing their iPhone release, some people are asking if Android is worried.  Andy Rubin isn’t worried.  In fact, Businessweek stated that he had this to say:

“I don’t think any specific carrier in any one region is a big game changer for us,”

Android is worldwide, and now, Rubin is focusing more on music.  He and former YouTube lawyer, Zahavah Levine have been talking to four major music labels, and although nothing has been confirmed, they are stating that the labels are more willing to work with them now that “Rubin is involved.”

Rubin, being the eyes and ears of Android has noticed that the music portion of Android has been lacking.  Rubin stated that Google has given him and his team “autonomy” and with that, they can move “really, really quickly.” Because of this, Rubin, along with Levine have put a lot of focus on music, and as previously stated, began work with four major music labels.

By Rubin taking total control in the music department, he has been working on, and according to a former executive, his group has developed a service that allows Android users to upload their digital collection and sync them with any mobile device.

Now that he is working diligently at this, we could see Google Music as early as next month… what say ye?  Is this going to take the place of iTunes for you?

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