Google officially steps on Evernote’s turf with Google Keep

That didn’t take long, did it? Google today announced on the official Android blog that Google Keep is available for Android smartphones and tablets. Offered as a free service and application, Google Keep lets users keep track of notes, photos, to-do lists, and other items. If this sounds to you like Evernote and Catch then you’d be correct.

To solve this problem we’ve created Google Keep. With Keep you can quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what’s important to you. Your notes are safely stored in Google Drive and synced to all your devices so you can always have them at hand.

Tied directly into Google Drive, Google Keep features voice input, color coding, priority ranking, a home screen widget, and lock screen widget.

As for how other companies react to Google Keep, I am guessing we’ll hear that they welcome Google’s approach and that it should help drive innovation. I’m immediately optimistic about the app and service but, longer term, I hope it sticks around. Here’s to widespread adoption; in all reality, this will likely stick around if only because of how it ties to Google Drive.