Google Play Games is introducing some new features today. The move away from Google Plus integration continues, and now Google Play Games’ will let you create a unique user ID that is independent of your Google Plus account. Google will also let you choose from one of 40 avatars to further customize your online gaming experience.


These new features will allow users to more easily become their online gaming persona. You will have the option to make your game activity public for all to see, or keep it to yourself and make it private. You will also have the option to associate your new unique ID with your Gmail address or Google Plus profile so friends can easily find your account.

You may want to go sign up right now because usernames are going to be unique. Once they’re claimed, they’re gone. No sharing or duplicates. Your new Google Play Games account will auto-sign once per account, rather than once per game. This new system will be much faster and less annoying for gamers.

We’ve seen a steady stream of Google products remove their Google Plus integration over the years, and it looks like Google Play Games time is here too. You’ll still have the ability to have your Google Play Games account linked to Google Plus, but these new features let you have as much privacy as you want (and that’s always a good thing).

What do you think about these new Google Play Games features? Will they entice you to play more games? Let us know down in the comments what you think.

Source: Google

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  1. “Google will also let you choose from one of 40 avatars to further customize your online gaming experience.” You can not longer use your own picture for Google play so technically it doesn’t “further” customize, its a downgrade. Now my avatar looks like a child picked it out and there is no way to change it back once it has been created.

  2. Forcing these childish avatars and idiotic names on people is beyond Communist. There are people who are offended by the cartoon avatars and ridiculous names chosen by this app — some offended for religious reasons. I still maintain my personal photo and name from Google+ and will continue to do so. I WILL NOT change and if any attempt is made to force me, I will leave forever. This is most likely illegal. Google has no right to force millions of people to conform to a Communist standard.

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