Google Play Services 4.1 rolls out with some notable improvements

Google Play Services version 4.1 began rolling out yesterday, bringing improvements to Google+, battery life, turn-based multiplayer for developers, and more.

Let’s begin with Google+:

With the recent update to Gmail, users can now send emails easier than ever to their Google+ contacts. This update addresses that, and gives better suggestions and auto-complete for your newly-added contacts Google+ addresses.

Next, we have turn-based multiplayer for developers:

Play Games lets users sync game data across devices. It’s a relatively new app, and developers are just beginning to take part into building this functionality into their games. Now, Play Services allows turn-based multiplayer data syncing. So, if you’re playing a multiplayer game, your turn data is uploaded and you can play as your own player, rather than starting fresh.

Also Google Drive:

This update will allow developers to preview the new Google Drive API. Users will eventually be able to read and write files on and offline, and the changes will sync automatically.

And finally, and probably most importantly, improved battery life:

For those of you who chose to enable location reporting when setting up your phone, you may have been experiencing some battery drain issues. Some users have been experiencing battery issues since the update to v4.0.34, so this update should help address the issue.

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