It seems to be common knowledge today that if you want a secure device in your life you should buy an iPhone and not an Android device. But, Google Security Director – Adrian Ludwig has a very different view of things.

In a recent interview with Motherboard during the O’Reilly Security Conference, Mister Ludwig assured mobile users that Android is very safe. What’s more, he went on to say that Google’s latest Pixel phones should be considered as safe as the iPhone. He tells the interviewer:

For almost all threat models, they are nearly identical in terms of their platform-level capabilities.

Another reason for that is that Google can update the Pixels directly, pretty much like Apple does with its iPhone. But in the case of OEMs things are bit more complicated.

Ludwig also talked about an Android security product called Safety Net which scans up to 400 million devices per day, while checking 6 billion apps for potential malware threads at the same time. These scans plus a host of other security products, makes sure Android is a very secure platform.


Is Google getting a bit cocky? A recent report claimed over 400 instances of Dresscode malware were found right in Google’s back garden – the Google Play store.

Anyway, Google isn’t stopping here and Ludwig promises things will get even better in the future. One thing the search giant is focusing on is making improvements in the OEM and carrier software updates department. We know all too well that in certain cases, security patches from Google take too long to arrive on respective devices.


But if we are to listen to Ludwig the future is bright for Android security. He even sees Android becoming safer than iOS.

In the long term, the open ecosystem of Android is going to put it in a much better place.”

Ludwig also tackled the topic of misunderstood security issues. Last year the media went crazy over Stagefright, but Ludwig points out that despite the vulnerability’s potential dangers, they have yet to see the exploit happen in real-life.

However, if you’re still worried – know that Android is currently safe enough so that a mass exploitation is very unlikely to happen at this point.

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