Google Staff Receives Dream Phones for Holiday Bonus, Called DogFood

News and Rumors Google Staff Receives Dream Phones for Holiday Bonus, Called DogFood

Dogfood.  Ever heard that term?

It’s the idea behind a lot of Google’s services.  Basically, when a company eats its own dog food, they are confident enough in their product or service to have their entire team use it.  Its helpful if you are a tech related company as many on your team can help find bugs as well as give feedback and insight into the future developments.  That’s exactly what happened this year for Google staffers.

Rather than getting any sort of monetary bonus at the end of the year, they are getting Dream handsets.  Yep, everybody gets a new phone, Oprah style.  You get a Dream phone!  You get a Dream phone!”

What’s the difference between a Dream and the T-Mobile G1?

Shipping these special edition phones in such a short time frame (they were designed especially for Googlers with a ‘droid’ on the back) and making sure they would work anywhere in the world was no small feat. So a big thank you to the Android and Legal teams for making this happen. While these phones do not have SIM cards, they are unlocked so they can be used with the network provider of your choice. Plus – thanks to more fancy footwork from the Android team – they’ll work immediately as WiFi devices!

Our guess is that it’s either exactly like the Dev Phone 1, or very close to it.  We’ve seen stories where Googlers get thousands of dollars as year-end bonus, so this might be a slap in the face to some of them.  Worth roughly $400, this would be a welcome freebie to a lot of us tech bloggers and developers.

Google’s hopes are that by dogfooding this handset, some savvy, proficient geek types come up with the next big ideas for Android and the platform benefits.

To read the rest of the email, head over to Phandroid.

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