Google teams up with MIT to bring automatic image retouching to your phone

The system is said to be able to improve the photo in real time

How many times do you usually have to shoot an image before being completely satisfied with the result? If you’re like us the answer is many, many times.

But if Google has its way, soon you won’t have to worry about shooting the perfect portrait or landscape pic.

The search giant has teamed up with a group of scientists at MIT to create an advanced way of retouching your photos before you’ve even had the chance of shooting them. If it sounds a bit futuristic, it’s because it is.

The technology would employ the help of machine learning algorithms (AI) to refine images in your smartphone’s viewfinder in real-time. More intriguingly, the adjustments will be unique to every photo, as opposed to auto-adjustments which tweak each photograph in standardized ways.

The team working on the project, trained neural networks using 5,000 images that have been edited by five photographers. This way the AI learned what makes photographs better and which details are to be scraped off. It training comes the expertise.

What about the unwanted effects of having such a powerful software onboard a handset? According to MIT, the automatic image retouching system was developed as to be able to run in real-time on smartphones and not heavily impact latency or battery life.

The MIT article didn’t mention anything about commercial availability, but we’ll have to assume it’s going to be a while before the first phone that can automatically retouch images in real-life will make a debut on the market. Maybe the Pixel 3…

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