Google Tinkering With Android on Netbooks Nearly a Year Ago


It seems like with each passing week, more people are catching on to the idea of Android.  Tech and mobile sites are realizing that the OS will not be confined to phones.  Right now, the hot topic surrounding Android is netbooks and whether or not we’ll see it installed or ported to mini laptops.

Hackers and people with more brains and time than we have are working to get Android running on mobile internet devices, tablets, and netbooks.  It’s safe to say that decent progress is being made.    Do you know who was already doing this a long time ago?  If you read the headline of this article, you know the answer – Google.

Ben Sillis over at ElectricPig sent us an email today that says Google had been playing with Android in all kinds of ways for quite some time.

Mike Jennings, a former Google Developer Advocate and Android evangelist, claims that the search giant has long pushed the boundaries with the software and that the staff was trying Android on netbooks as early as last year!

“From day one, people have been tinkering with Android on other stuff. I remember back in the day somebody had almost got Android running on a mini PC – this was a year ago or more.”

Maybe Google is further along than we thought with the netbook.  That might explain a few things… like the rumor of an unknown OS coming out of Silicon Valley a few months back.

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