Google Trying to Clean up Comment Problems in Android Market

If you are a G1 owner and have ever downloaded something from the Android Market, chances are you have seen the ugly side of Android people.  I’m talking about the comments.

This is especially true in cases of new apps that just recently showed up.  People have been leaving crass, belligerent remarks, often veering into racism and other shady areas.  It’s definitely one area where Apple does a better job of policing their people.

Today we have a bit of good news to report on that front.  Google hasn’t turned a blind eye to this and is vowing to clean things up. Speaking to Mobile Web User, a Google rep says they were taking this “very seriously” and that they “have been aggressively taking down offensive comments” since late last year.  Google also indicated that they had “improved our tools to make scanning and removing comments much faster and easier.”

I don’t think Google expected this from Android users when the decision was made to allow for YouTube-esque voting and comments in the Android Market.  I know I certainly didn’t think I would see it as often as I do.  It’s good to know Google is taking an active role in this.  Also comforting is knowing that once paid apps show up, there ought to be less of this too.

Now, I understand it’s one thing to let people know if an app is buggy or force closes all the time.  It’s another thing to rip someone to shreds over something they likely spent numerous hours working on.  It’s an entirely different animal when you resort to dropping epithets at other people who left comments.

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