Google will begin teaching you how to build your own smartphone

In a series of three conferences, Google plan to show developers what they’ll be able to do with the company’s modular phone that they have been working on. The initiative is part of Google’s Ara Developers’ Conference and will run this April.

The first conference will be an online live webstream and will feature an interactive Q&A for developers to ask their questions to those involved at Google with the modular phone project.

The conference will focus on the alpha release of the Ara Module Developer Kit and will provide developers with all the information they require to make an Ara Module. Google will also walk through the current status of the Ara project, the platform itself, and the various features that it will encompass.

There was some relative uncertainty with what would happen to the Ara project after Motorola‘s sale to Lenovo, but Google since stated that they were keeping the group where the project originated and would accelerate the program.

It seems Google is really looking for engaging developers to bring Ara to life, and make the modular phone a reality.

via Project Ara

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