Back in May, Google introduced two new big apps it is releasing with Duo and Allo.

For a quick refresher, Duo is Google’s all new video calling app for one-to-one conversations no matter if you’re on iOS or Android. It will work for both platforms. A major benefit is that it will work even if you have a slow connection.

Allo is the app that most of us are waiting for, as it should improve upon our text messaging habits. Its main feature is that it is smart which will allow for better conversations between users. It’s a fact that most of us text more than we call these days, and communication can easily be confused over text.

Allo’s new features will include:

  • Built in Smart Reply, similar to Inbox where you can reply without typing a single word
  • Google assistant directly in your chats
  • Language pattern recognition
  • Incognito mode for private conversations

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Google stated both apps will be available sometime this summer which means their release can be any day now. In order to stay on top of the release date you can head on over to the Google Play Store and Pre-Register for each app. Once released you will be notified immediately so you can be one of the first users to experience Google’s all new apps. Simply click “Pre-Register” and you will be the first to know.

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  1. So the idiot author doesn’t actually know when it’s going to be released. He just knows that it’s going to be in Summer and because it’s Summer, it means any day now. News flash Derrick, but Summer is 3-months long and sometimes software can take longer than anticipated to be released. So unless you actually know when it’s due to be released, all you’re doing is using popular words in your headline to get views. This article is utterly worthless and provides no information that wasn’t already known for weeks. Total clickbait.

    • To be fair though, I’ve seen much worse click bait. To people who haven’t pre-registered, this advising IS useful information. It’s not like the title says “Release Date for All and Duo!”

    • If every reader was like you we probably wouldn’t even need the internet since every reader would know everything.

      I do appreciate you informing me that summer is three months long. Maybe you should be a writer!

      • As a writer on this site, you really shouldn’t be calling a reader an idiot, no matter what he or she says. It’s a bit unprofessional. Rather just ignore it. There will always be readers who disagree with you.

        • 100% agreed GC. I also agree with the original comment though even if it was krass, author just said it will be released “sometime” – which is something google has said and multiple sites have re-iterated. The idiot readers comment insured I won’t be clicking android guys articles anymore. Enjoy your one click Derrick.

      • That’s very professional of you, calling your readers idiots. This article did feel very much like click bait because you didn’t add any information that the majority of people already know. I myself am a new writer and when someone criticizes my work I don’t insult them I take it and remember it when writing my next piece of writing. If he feels that way there must be many others that do as well.

        • “This article did feel very much like click bait because you didn’t add any information that the majority of people already know.” This statement is an assumption and you have absolutely zero proof that the MAJORITY of people know to register for allo and duo. I wrote this article for the people who don’t know, and if I had the exact date of when to expect the release I would have provided that. But the purpose of Google allowing registration for the app’s release is just that – to let those know, who want to know, that it will be available soon.
          And just because you behave a certain way, does not mean my response was inappropriate. It just wasn’t the response you would give. While I do appreciate everyone who comes to this site for our content, I actually do not appreciate readers who feel insults are a one-way street. For the record, I never called my readers idiots. I responded to one reader who called me an “idiot”.

    • Lol, and the word “PREregister”. I have “registered” to get updates. What does “PRE” even mean? Register before a formal register? All in all the world is full of lolz…

    • No one knows when the apps are going to be out since Google hasn’t given a set date. The purpose of this article as to let people know where to go to preregister. Nowhere in the title or article as the author disingenuous.

    • Exactly what I was thinking. I was looking for more information on the apps release date and this article popped up as the newest so I figured it would have more information, but I was obviously wrong.

  2. Title says.. “due soon” and suggest readers to “pre-register”. What’s wrong with it?
    Those apps are represented in Play store and the button actually says, “Pre-Register”. Is there a “pre” before Register? Ofcourse yes! Register is what you do to become a ‘User’ once the app is out by creating a login / or linking it with your current Google account. “Pre-Register” is letting Google know to keep you in the know!

    I am a regular reader on the Internet, and seen several ‘click-bait’ tricks. This is nothing like it.

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