Grab Your Nook Color! Mighty Eagle Swoops into B&N Stores

Rovio has teamed up with Barnes & Noble to give Nook Color users an exclusive first look at Angry Birds’ location based gaming project: “Magic Places.” Any Nook Color user who partakes in some in-store Angry Birds gaming will be treated to an exclusive Angry Birds Mighty Eagle character.

Rovio’s new location based project aims to add a real world element into its Angry Birds franchise, allowing for users to unlock special characters and levels just by playing the game in specific locations. It’s not only a great way to encourage more Angry Birds play (as if that’s possible) but it’s also a great way to generate business for participating retailers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Rovio to bring NOOK Color customers in Barnes & Noble stores an exciting, seamless experience featuring the number one game in the world,” said Jamie Iannone, President of Digital Products, Barnes & Noble. “We’ve already experienced great success with NOOK Apps and Angry Birds as our bestseller, and believe NOOK Color customers will enjoy being the first in the world to access Angry Birds ‘Magic Places.’ We invite all Angry Birds fans to visit our in-store NOOK Boutiques to try this fun experience on one of our many NOOK Color demonstration units.”

Rovio is also “super excited” over the release of “Magic Places” and what they’re calling the “first steps” in taking Angry Birds to physical locations around the world. Partnering with the world’s largest bookseller is a great first step for Rovio and also reinforces Barnes & Noble’s commitment to stay ahead of its tablet e-reader competitors. At only $249, the Nook Color still remains one of the best value tablets an Android user can buy and that value only increases with announcements like this.

Aside from creating one of the world’s most popular games, Rovio has proven how one app’s success can stretch way beyond the parameters it was originally created for. From multiple platforms to Super Bowl ads, Angry birds just keeps on going, bringing with it new and interesting ways for users to play and interact with a game that really hasn’t changed in over a year.

Has anyone with a Nook Color gone into Barnes & Noble and tried this out yet? Is Rovio’s new Angry Birds project interesting or are you “over it” already? Let us know what you think.

In case you were curious, the Mighty Eagle is only available for players while in B&N stores.  However, if you surpass levels while in-store using the Mighty Eagle character, you can continue playing the latest level after you leave.

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