Hacked G1s Support Google Maps Navigation

google_maps_nav_007 We know you G1 owners are jealous of the Droid’s mapping system.  You can’t fool us.  It’s super awesome and you want it.  You just don’t want to switch carriers or drop a couple hundred bucks on a new phone.  What’s a guy (or gal) to do?  Well, you could start with rooting your phone.  Read on to find out why.

The XDA development guys are at it again.  Thanks to them, Google Maps Navigation is no longer exclusive to the Motorola DROID.  That’s right!  With a little bit of work, you too can boss your phone around and have it driving you to and from your destinations.  WARNING: It’s not for everyone.  This requires root level access of your phone and may potentially lock it up if you don’t play by the rules.  If you’re brave enough or know the reward outweighs the risk, you can head here to learn more.

Engadget Mobile hears it works great.  We haven’t done it here (yet) so we can’t say first-hand.  It won’t be long until this arrives in custom ROMS!

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